Our rotators are suitable for forestry, general cargo handling and material handling.

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We have links and swing dampers for most crane models on the market.

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The hose swivel eliminates twisting of the hydraulic hose and increases its service life.

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XR rotators

XR-rotators, for applications where extremely high demands are placed on rotator functionality.

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XR’s optimized for quick couplers

Indexator XR rotators are engineered with precision and innovation, including models specifically tailored to meet the demands of quick couplers.

The robust rotators are designed to optimize efficiency through high oil flows, integrated electrical swivel for signals and the ability to feed a magnet.

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How do I find out which rotator I have?

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The low-profile GX with MPB interface is loaded with a host of benefits where machine, operator and grapple work efficiently - quickly and smoothly. Every hour, every day, all year round. A unique technical solution contributes to increased productivity.

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Total solutions from crane tip to tool

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