Determination of rotator position and angle velocity

Indexator continue to develop new, innovative solutions for customers need of tomorrow. Smart rotators are an important step to enable semi or full automation systems, where angle and angle velocity can be sent back to the machine control system.

Innovation and product development are natural ingredients within Indexator’s daily operations. With 50 year’s experience of rotator manufacturing, Indexator have a market leading position. 

Technology leap with smart rotators
Now Indexator takes a technology leap by introducing smart rotators to the market. With the patented and verified Indexator smart system, the rotator position and angle velocity will be sent back to the base machines control system. This enables the possibility to develop semi and full automation system on the rotator function. Contributing to higher productivity and profitability. 

Diagnostic tool 
Besides determining rotator position and angle velocity, the sensor also have a palette of diagnostic codes which is sent back to the system. For safety reasons the sensor also sends redundant signals to the CAN-BUS network.

Compatibility with Indexator standard interface
Indexator have long experience of developing solutions for OEM and therefore understand the importance of compatibility. One benefit with the smart rotator system is that it is available within Indexators standard rotator interface towards crane tip and tool, which eliminates or minimize need of hardware redesign. To simplify implementation Indexator also developed a J1939 protocol. 

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