Crane tip

For harvesters, we offer crane tips suitable for Indexator's dual swing dampers with MPB brakes.

  • Easy to install
  • Long service life
  • Trouble-free operation

The durability and design of our crane tips are optimized for various harvester rotators and swing dampers. By purchasing genuine Indexator crane tips, you ensure long service life and trouble-free operation.


 A: MPB2  E: 29 mm
 ØB: MPB  F: 59 mm
 C: 77 mm  G: 77 mm
 D: 92,5 mm  H: 123 mm


Part number: 5016875

Suitable products
Dual swing damper MPB2-2 (5016558)
Dual swing damper MPB2-1W (5016559)
Dual swing damper MPB1W-1W (5016560)
Dual swing damper MPBT2T-2T (5216600)
Dual swing damper MPBT2T-2 (5216616)

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